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Pixel Pusher
Pixel Pusher is my blog of thoughts, musings, and bon mots from the worlds of television, running, cooking, and whatever else I find of interest.
Sometimes I've got a lot to say, but only need 140 characters to say it in.
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My favorite fitness web site. Keep up with my mileage as I train for my next marathon.
  Gordon Productions   www.gpvideo.com/
From their web site: Delivering excellence in broadcast public relations and corporate video production. John, Les, and Cindy are good people. Enough said.
  Geoff Lucas, producer   www.movingarts.com
I've known Geoff for as long as I've been working. He's a generous, funny soul who happens to be a great producer of corporate events and employee communication. So, if you need to get the message out to the troops, give Geoff a call. (He's also becoming quite the expert on setting up a business in Costa Rica!)
  etc...Group   www.etcgroupinc.com
Let's face it. You need PR. More than that you need good PR. Stan Harris and his staff at etc...group, inc. are your best bet at putting your best face forward.
  Lindy Flemming, producer   lflemming@sbcglobal.net
Lindy is a talented producer with years of corporate video experience. She's equally adept working with CEOs or front-line employees.
  Point Marketing   www.pointmarketing.net
You want to put a demo of your product on the web? Look no further than Point Marketing. Their Demos on Demand set the bar for web-based product demos.
  Jim Schlosser   barbarycoastprod@comcast.net
Producer, director, camera op. Jim does it all. Jim's specialty is adventure and outdoor videography.
  Talking Points Memo   www.talkingpointsmemo.com
I'm a bit of a political junkie...and Josh delivers with his daily blog.
  The Onion   www.theonion.com
The funniest fake news. Even funnier than Fox News!
  Television Without Pity   www.televisionwithoutpity.com
Why does Heroes suck? What are people saying about Grey's Anatomy? Will people tune into Caprica now that BSG is over? The folks at TWOP will see you through.